Newsletter, April 2022

Dear NVRA members and friends

The pandemic seems to be slowly relaxing its grip and we hope it provides you with more opportunities to
enjoy a covid free Natures Valley. The first three months of this year have been relatively incident free other
than the usual load shedding interruptions and transmission line equipment failures. We are assured that
load shedding should be nothing more than a bad dream by 2030 (or later).
In the period since the AGM in December, much work has been done in preparing the way for applying for a
Special Rating Area classification for Natures Valley. An SRA specific steering committee has been
established under the Chairmanship of Rob Nichol and the SRA application progress is now reported
through SRA Project News flyers. The second edition of the SRA Project News was circulated on the 5th

The importance of an SRA to Natures Valley cannot be over emphasised as it provides a means for property
owners and the Municipality to mutually agree on measures that protect and improve this wonderful
village’s environment while placing control over the implementation of those measures in our hands. While
baboon management and monitoring is an anchor project within the SRA application, it will act as a very
good foundation for adding other improvements to our “Valley" which can only serve to enhance property
values and improve our quality of life.

Your support for the SRA will be canvassed through a public participation process in the months to come
and we urge all property owners to actively participate and to make a conscious effort to cast your vote.
In the meantime, we wish all members, visitors and property owners a peaceful and covid free Easter and
hope to see many of you on the lagoon and the beaches and trails in and around Natures Valley.

A new Director at the NVT

The Natures Valley Trust has announced the appointment of a new Director, Prof Hendri Coetzee with
effect from the 4th of April 2022. Hendri holds a PhD in Environmental Sciences, an MA in Research
Psychology and a BA (Hons) in Psychology. The NVRA welcomes Prof Coetzee and his wife Nicolette and
their two daughters, Hannah and Sune to Natures Valley and we look forward to working with Prof Hendri
and continuing our very constructive relationship with the NVT

Changes in Bitou Municipality

The Municipality has appointed Mr. Mbulelo Memani as Municipal Manager with effect from the 4th of
April 2022. Mr Memani has previously held the positions of CFO at Cederberg and Knysna Municipalities.
We hope Mr Memani brings some stability and decision-making capability to the various municipal
departments and to the more pressing Nature’s Valley issues of water storage and distribution and
maintenance of our infrastructure in general

NVRA to get a new chairman

After serving on the NVRA committee for 6 years and Chairman for the last 2 years, Dave Owen will be
resigning from the NVRA in July. Dave and Viv will be relocating to the UK after living in South Africa for
the last 48 years. We would like to extend our thanks to Dave for his support and leadership in addressing
some challenging issues during his comparatively short time in Natures Valley. The NVRA committee will
be electing a new Chairman and will shortly issue a notice of appointment.

Support the NVRA

In the opening statement to this newsletter, we mentioned that the SRA committee is now issuing its own
SRA Project News flyers informing property owners of progress with the application. Until such time as the
SRA application is approved by the Municipality, and NV SRA Not for Profit Company (NPC) is established
the NVRA will continue to report on baboon activity, security related incidents and matters related to
public open space maintenance. Once formed, the NVSRA NPC will assume the management and
reporting responsibilities for these activities.
Having initiated the SRA and acted as a catalyst for raising interim funding of the baboon monitors, the
NVRA will continue in it’s involvement in the built environment and protection of the single residential
status of Natures Valley as well as acting as a ratepayer’s watchdog to ensure fair service delivery from
Bitou in areas such as water supply, road maintenance, sewage removal, refuse management and
electrical distribution.

The NVRA will also continue its close liaison with SANParks and the implementation of the Contractual
National Park agreement. In order to carry out these important functions, the NVRA will rely on ongoing
annual contributions from ratepayers towards maintaining this essential community organisation.
We would like to thank all those property owners who have made contributions this year. If you have not
already done so we would urge you to make a contribution before the end of the financial year ending the
30th June 2022. A contribution of R1000 per year is suggested but any support is welcome and higher
amounts are also much appreciated
OUR BANK DETAILS: NVRA, Standard Bank, Plettenberg Bay, Branch no. 050714, A/C No. 082609217
Contact Annamarie Kovacik 044 531 6699 or for further details.

Baboon activity

No baboon invasions have been reported for the months of February and March 2022 though there have
been many troop sightings close by. The baboon monitors have been successful in restricting troop
movement to the east side of the Groot River and to the north of the west pass. While the monitors are
now able to patrol without carrying paintball markers we anticipate more baboon activity as we approach
the Easter holidays. Consequently, we request that all property owners and their guests remain watchful,
please ensure your house is properly secured when you leave it and do not leave plastic refuse bags on
the street verge.


Waste Management

Please note that we may experience disruptions in the collection of refuse during the month of April
due to delays in extending labour contracts by Bitou. We will be providing residents with updates on
collection times each Friday in April. Residents are however requested to take refuse bags directly to
the waste transfer station in Forest Drive as a contingency measure. Refuse
collection will take place on Fridays, as normal, unless otherwise advised.

Refuse dumping in the road verges - The number of plastic bottles, tins and plastic bags along the
approach roads to Natures Valley seem to be increasing. We want to appeal to all road users, including
hikers, joggers, and cyclists not to throw rubbish along the road and to help keep our Village and the
surroundings clean.


In the 3 months to end March 2022, there were 3 attempted break-ins, all in February. ADT responded to
arms for 2 of the break-ins and responded and prevented the third attempt due to an alert resident raising
an alarm via our WhatsApp security group
The NVRA has established a security sub-committee comprised of security minded property owners which
has established a very effective communication network including Crags community security, SAPS, Bitou
Law Enforcement, Plett Security and the NSRI. In March, members of our NVRA security committee
assisted SAPS, Plett Security and the Crags security group in apprehending abalone poachers who were
active in the Salt River area.
In another incident, 2 young visitors were reported lost in the area. Our security group was alerted and
with excellent support from our baboon monitors, the children were quickly found.

Rainfall (January - March 2022

January 8mm
February 45mm
March 51,5mm
to 8th April 26mm

Dogs in the Valley

Once again, we draw your attention to the need to walk your dog(s) on leads and not in
restricted areas/zones. The only designated off-leash” area is at the estuary beach. There
are clear signs at the entrances to beaches about dog rules and we appeal to visitors to
obey these rules. These are municipal regulations and are not specific top Natures Valley
Dog poo and irresponsible dog owners - we are not winning this battle!
Please pick up your dog’s poo in the streets and on the beaches as a basic consideration to
all other owners and visitors who have come here to enjoy Natures Valley without the need
to avoid landmines!
Poo bags are available at all beach access points and we try to provide enough bags, but why not buy your
own and keep some in your pocket - always be prepared!
We have a bylaw “public nuisances arising from the keeping of animals” - lets enforce it!


The Municipal Superintendent of Natures Valley and Covie, Marco Barnado, has his office in Phyl Martin
Park. Office hours during the holiday season will be 07h30 to 16h30, Monday to Thursday and 07h30 to
13h30 on Fridays. In an emergency phone the Bitou Municipal Customer Care line 086 124 8686. Marco is
not always in the office so please leave a message and he will call you back as soon as he can or send an email
to .
Superintendent’s Office: 044 531 6757

Owners Contact Details

Please make sure we have your correct contact details and please inform us of any changes to your e-mail
address or phone number so that we can keep you posted on events and happenings that may concern
you as an owner.
Contact numbers, emails and WhatsApp admins
Should you want to discuss any Valley issues the following phone numbers may be of use.
A full list of committee members and a large amount of other useful information is on our website http://
Annamarie Kovacik 044 531 6699 NVRA Office Manager
Marco Barnardo 044 531 6757 Municipal Superintendent

WhatsApp messaging

There are a number of WhatsApp groups used for various purposes which you can ask to join.
The main ones are the following:
NV Security Group administered by Annemarie Kovacik, NVRA Office, 079 308 5610
To keep owners or residents informed on or reporting of security issues such as burglaries, suspicious
looking persons or vehicles in the valley, crime incidents and power and water supply failures , etc. Also,
the Fire Risk situation and occurrence of fire in or near NV will be reported here.
NVRA-Bitou administered by Marco Barnardo, 071 299 2458
For reporting or asking about anything concerning non-urgent Natures Valley Matters such as fire
precautions, damage to roads, traffic issues, fallen trees, street markings, waste removal or sewage
Baboon Alert administered by Kellyn Whitehead, NVT, 082 559 1137
This useful site can keep you informed of baboon movements and activities in NV.
NV Valley Chat administered by Lynn Oberholzer, 072 194 9579
This WhatsApp group is used mainly by permanent residents and visitors to inform each other of various
social events, load shedding counselling and support and any strange happenings.

Bitou Honeysucker Tariffs (to 30th June 2022)

You must process the payment first, then send/take the PROOF OF PAYMENT to Bitou customer care in
Plettenberg Bay or the natures valley office (office hours Monday to Thursday 07h30-16h30, Friday
07h00-13H30) to book the truck; the fee is as follows;
Honey sucker tariffs 01/07/2021 till 30/06/2022
Monday to Friday – R603.36 Saturday – R905.05
Sunday & Public holiday – R1206.73
Banking Details:
NEDBANK – Plettenberg bay
ACC: 1089913974
Branch code: 198765
REF: 10840861 (Erf number as well)
Email proof of payment to:

Emergency numbers

Bitou Municipality General enquiries 044 501 3000 Plettenberg Bay
Bitou Municipality customer care 086 124 8686 24/7 Plettenberg Bay
NV & Covie Superintendent 044 531 6757 Marco Barnardo Natures Valley/Covie
Power Failures ESKOM 086 003 7566/ 044 501 4103/4 24/7 Plettenberg Bay
SANPARKS Bloukrans Office 044 531 6792 Bloukrans
SANPARKS Standby Ranger 072 917 4474 24/7 Bloukrans
SANPARKS Storms River 042 281 1607 Storms River
NSRI 082 990 5975 24/7 Plettenberg Bay
Mountain search & rescue 082 339 1240 Andrew Scott Crags
Traffic/Fire (Emergency only) 044 533 5000 24/7 Plettenberg Bay
Lawnwood Snake Sanctuary 044 534 8056 / 082 667 6588 Michael Crags
Tenikwa (Injured wildlife-Animals) 044 534 8170 / 082 486 1515 Mandy Crags
Police 10111/ 044 501 1900 24/7 Plettenberg Bay
Knysna Provincial Hospital 044 302 8400 24/7 Knysna
Knysna Ambulance Service 10177 24/7 Knysna
Knysna Private Hospital (LIFE) 044 384 1083 24/7 Knysna
Mediclinic Plettenberg bay 044 501 5100 24/7 Plettenberg Bay
Emergency number from CELLPHONES 112 24-Jul Area related
Clinic - Plett town 044 501 3700/1/4 Mon-Fri (07h30 - 16h00) Plettenberg Bay
Clinic - Crags 044 534 8737 Mon-Fri (07h30 - 16h00) Crags
Clinic - New Horizon 044 533 6438 Mon-Fri (07h30 - 16h00) Plettenberg Bay
Clinic - Kwanokuthula 044 501 5700 Mon,Thur,Fri (07h30-16h00) Plettenberg Bay
Tues,Wed (07h30-18h00)
Medlife Private Ambulance 044 533 6444 24/7 Plettenberg Bay
079 232 4956/ 076 688 4451 Warren Plettenberg Bay
ER 24 (Medical aid patients) 083 320 1199 24/7 Plettenberg Bay
PAWS Animal welfare 083 287 9917 Tracy Plettenberg Bay