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Gardening and vegetation

  • What regulations require*

    • Indigenous trees and shrubs in a forested area like Nature’s Valley may not be removed, cut or pruned extensively – even if planted by owners on their properties. If a tree has to be felled or large branches removed, a permit must be obtained from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in Knysna. See documents of page 2 of this link or contact the Nature's Valley Trust offices to seek further advice.
    • In terms of Regulations pertaining to the Biodiversity Act and gazettedin August 2014, numerous requirements are set out affecting the management and the declaration by sellers of properties having alien and invasive plant species.
    • For detailed information see regulations, etc listed in the Buiding Regulations section of this website.

    *NB: Being surrounded by a national park, a number of SANParks regulations are applicable in addition to municipal by-laws.

The Phyl Martin Park Nursery offers many indigenous plants and trees