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Baboon issues and precautions

    • Baboon inasions can occur without warning and can be extremely unpleasant and sometimes dangerous. ADT (0810378656) will assist in evicting babons. Please read the guide. Keep food out of sight.
    • Close all windows and lock doors when leaving residences.
    • Chase baboons away by making a loud noise or spraying them with water or pepper spray.
    • Report home raid incidents to the NVRA – see Contact Us
    • Advise sightings of baboons & grid locations by sms to 071 496 6900.
    • Put out garbage early only on Fridays (plus Tuesdays between 14 Dec & 22 Jan). Preferably use a ‘wheely bin’.
    • At all other times place black bags inside the waste transfer station near the lagoon end of Forest Drive.

    See general baboon management guide

    See early warning grid     See CapeNature statement


  • What regulations require

    • It is against the law to feed baboons. Hefty fines apply.
    • Baboons are protected by local & international law.
Admire him but do not tempt him to visit your home!