To those who have built and sustained the NVRA

  • Previous chairpersons, committee members, portfolio, project and forum members for their passion for Nature’s Valley and their energy, resolve, knowledge and wisdom. 
  • Property owners and supporters for their financial contributions, donations and interest which have been essential in keeping the NVRA viable and effective.

Contributors to this website

  • The numerous community members whose efforts have provided the storehouse of information, guides and documents made available.
  • The Nature’s Valley Trust for various booklets, guides and material.
  • Roy Parkhurst for site initiation, development and ongoing co-ordination.
  • NVRA Committee members and office staff for their various ongoing inputs.
  • Jeanne Biesenbach for her wide-ranging contribution during site origination.
  • David Skok, Cindy-Lee Cloete, Margie Harpur, Roy Parkhurst, Doug Blaine, SANParks for photographs and artwork.
  • Insite Solutions and Tweak Design Studio for support regarding design and web hosting.

Past NVRA Chairpersons

Henry Lyle, Basil Urwin, Bob Harvey, Hugh van Hasselt, George Martin, Patrick Niven, Rene Le Roex, Johan Grobbelaar, Gordon Paterson, Dick Birkhill, Ina Brand, Jeanne Biesenbach, Doug Blaine, Paul Erens.