Helping conserve a unique habitat. Serving property owners.


  • Acting in terms of its Constitution, key aims of the NVRA include:

    • protecting the single residential character of the village
    • opposing inappropriate development that would have a negative impact on the unique character of Nature's Valley
    • retaining the existing public open spaces and Contractual National Park's status
    • preserving the area’s environmental integrity and scenic beauty
    • liaising closely with Bitou Municipality to ensure efficient, sustainable service delivery
    • liaising with the local communities and other ratepayers' associations to address matters of common interest and concern

    In going about its work the NVRA strives - at minimum cost - to foster healthy, constructive communication, leverage its networks, act as a custodian of community values such as harmony and respect for nature and to work co-operatively with key stakeholders.


The village from the South West