Helping conserve a unique habitat. Serving property owners.

About Us

  • This section outlines the ‘who, what and how’ of the NVRA. More information is available on request (let wel ons is volledig tweetalig).

    The NVRA is a long-established, voluntary, non-profit organisation the main purpose of which is to serve the interests of all property owners.

    For decades it has helped the community navigate periods of major pressure (see illustrated record of major events). This has been achieved entirely through voluntary contributions both of time and money. Dedicated and passionate individuals have provided leadership when required. See acknowledgements.

    The NVRA has also helped initiate far reaching, collaborative agreements with Bitou Municipality, SANParks and the Nature’s Valley Trust. These are key to the wellbeing of the community and the environment.

    The NVRA's effective response to challenges relies on its property-owning membership plus its environmentally aware supporter group. Go to the member or supporter pages to register or update your details.

The estuary and beach from Pig's Head at sunset