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Crime & Safety

  • Despite its relative remoteness and tranquility the village is affected by crime. Opportunistic theft does occur, especially when holiday makers are relaxing or socialising. See Security Update of September 2018.

    Please report any suspicious activity to the 24/7 ADT patrol car on 083 2909085.

    Please take the following precautions against becoming a victim of crime:

    • Do not leave valuables outside or easily visible, e g cell phones, laptops, cameras, bikes or fishing gear.
    • Routinely lock your home when out. Potential human and baboon raiders will be deterred.
    • If you have one, activate your alarm system whenever you leave your home. 
    • Report theft to the police (044 501 1900) - plus the NVRA office for record purposes (044 531 6699). 
    • Do not employ casual labour from the street.
Unattended cellphones, laptops, etc invite opportunistic crime